About Balun Software

Balun Software is a name of Japanese sole proprietor. Balun Software contributes efficiency and balance of work and life through providing applications for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers.


Do you know ‘Balun’ ?’Balun’ is a kind of electrical transformer that can convert electrical balanced (differential) signals to unbalanced (single-ended) one and vice versa.The origin of the word ‘Balun’ is bal(ance) and un(balance).A balun is offen used to connect an antenna to television set in order to convert between 300ohm twin-lead cable and 75ohm coaxial cable. Very small balun is also used in mobile phones.

The reasons why the name contains ‘Balun’ are:

  • Even though balun is very small electrical device, it is necessary and important to connect between balanced and unbalanced line and to solve mismatches.
  • Even though balun itself is not powerfull device, it is required in order to make overall system working well.

Like a balun,

  • An application software is small, but
  • It connects one to another component or people, then
  • It makes that overall system / people works efficiently.

Balun Software is providing such applications and services.

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